Talks with Educators & Parent Groups

I am available to school faculty for in-service training, and to parent groups for speaking engagements.

Suggested topics include:

Teen Stress and Anxiety: A Mindful Path to Calming the Storm

This hour-long talk focuses on managing stress and anxiety and finding calm in a 24-hour-a-day world.

Your Teen’s Identity Development

         Baffled by the changes you see in your teen? This talk about the process of identity            development in adolescence is focused on helping you unravel some of the  
         mysteries of the teenage psyche.

Off to College--Tools for Entering First Year Students

         This talk is all about mindful approaches to the big transition to a university
         education. Introduce your student group to the importance of rest, relationships
         and goal setting as they make the leap. Help them know the difference between
         happiness and well-being, and how they can cultivate both as they navigate a
         whole new world.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Some people believe their skills are a fixed commodity—they either have them or they don’t. Others recognize that ability comes with effort, and with a willingness to learn through trial and error. These different approaches to the self have long-ranging consequences in life. This talk focuses on how to help kids (and you!) look at the world from a growth perspective.

A Perfect Childhood or a Coherent Narrative

This talk focuses on the stories we tell ourselves about our pasts, and the power those stories hold in shaping our present sense of self. The great news—a perfect childhood isn’t essential to a happy life! That comes from developing a coherent narrative about the self. 

The Neuroscience of Technology--Screens, Apps and Your Kids

          How do we teach concentration in a world full of distraction? What
          happens to sleep when screens are part of the bedtime ritual? How do we help our
          kids manage emotions, develop empathy and learn to relate in real times when
          many prefer their virtual environments? This hour-long talk focuses on the impact          of technology on ourselves, our families and our children.

Managing Grief in the School

What tools can a school use to help students manage when there has been a death in their community? This talk focuses on helping teens cope with grief. Topics include how school staff and faculty can recognize distress, help conversation and lead with courage in the face of tragedy. This talk for educators can be modified for parent and student groups, as well.